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Of course, the Wallachian Kingdom isn't quite Queenstown in New Zealand, Chamonix in France or Banff in Alberta, but in all modesty it can be said that there are plenty of things to do here. We try to prepare something interesting for you every year. There is the annual „Wandering with a Wallachian Passport" competition, during which you can get to know the Wallachian Kingdom in all its glory and also maybe win heaps of interesting prizes. You can get detailed information about the activities in the Kingdom from our Information Centres in Rožnov or in Frenštát p.R. Here are just a few of them:

Wandering with a Wallachian Passport

An event, which you can take part in during the course of the year and which will lead you to the most interesting places in the Kingdom. You'll have loads of fun, adventures and surprises, get to know a new country and, last but not least, you will also receive valuable Wallachian souvenirs.


If I were to write that the Kingdom has ideal snow and skiing conditions, I would be pulling your leg. I've been skiing a few times in western Canada and the Alps and I have a pretty good idea of what ideal skiing looks like. Those of you, who go skiing in the Alps, will certainly confirm that on returning home all the Czech hills are small and the services poor.
The magic of our winter lies, however, in something else. Just imagine, looking out through the frozen over windows of a heated and comfortable mountain chalet while drinking warm grog or tea laced with rum ... Winter in the Kingdom is simple in spirit and it is much more easy on your wallet. Despite that, the operators of the lifts, hotels and chalets have done much in recent years to make your stay in the mountains just that bit more enjoyable. The snow canons on most of the slopes ensure that there is snow sometimes right up to the end of April. Even the less talented cross country skiers can let their hair down on the long mountain ridges. You will almost always have the possibility of snowballing somebody or rolling in the snow. You can also build snowmen or head down to the lake or the ice rink and go skating, play ice hockey or fall on the ice. In short, not even the fans of husky races or winter camping will miss out.
Apparently, we have 22 centres with 126 ski lifts and 91 downhill slopes in the Kingdom and its outlying areas.


For those of you, who would like to get to know the Wallachian Kingdom under your own steam, there are countless numbers of mountain trails and tracks. You can choose from short several-hour trips through to hikes lasting several days. All the mountain tracks are well maintained and signposted. However, don't forget to bring a good hiking map with you and food and water for your longer hikes. It's true that the mountains aren't that high (the highest is Lysá hora at 1323 m), but they shouldn't be underestimated, especially in winter.

Cycling/Mountain Bikes

The Wallachian Kingdom is the Promised Land for all you bikers out there. If you are going to ride on the roads, you will soon
discover that they go uphill and then downhill again and that they aren't even very busy. Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the Wallachian Kingdom. If you have any technical
problems, it won't be far to the nearest cycle service centre.
If you want to go into the mountains on your mountain bike, it's a good idea to get a cycle map, which includes the mountain bike trails. And if you've left your bike at home, don't be sad! You can rent one from the hotel where you're staying. Most of the better hotels offer this service. However, we can always give you information as to where to go.

Horse Riding

No matter whether you are only here for a few days or if you decide to stay forever, you should not miss the chance to take
a trip on horseback. We know of twelve stables in the Kingdom, which will be happy to oblige. What's more, horse riding has become very popular here in recent years and there are a lot of interesting horse trails which last a few hours, a day or even two or more days. (See colour
pict. no 8)

Rock Climbing

If you dragged all your climbing gear to the Kingdom with the aim of spending a week of intensive climbing on high cliffs, you are sure to be disappointed. We would suggest that you get a visa for Slovakia - it's just round the corner from us - and go climbing there. Unfortunately, we do not have much rocky terrain. If, however, you come and want to have a go at some small cliffs, then you can. People usually go climbing in Štramberk and on the cliffs in Lidečko. The degrees of difficulty vary from 4 to 11.


During the summer season, the Kingdom has the ideal conditions for paragliding. There's something for both beginners and more experienced pilots. Even those of you, who have never flown before, can try this fantastic experience in tandem with an experienced pilot.

Sightseeing flights

The Wallachian Kingdom has several airfields, which offer sightseeing flights. In fact, if you are the holder of an international pilot's license for any of the machines, you can pilot yourself for a very reasonable price. (See colour pict. no 9)

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