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Facts for visitors


The Wallachian Kingdom is known for its liberal immigration policies. It is clear that this is practically the last Kingdom in the world where you can so easily acquire foreign citizenship. No matter where you are from, the gates of the Kingdom are always open to you. As we are, however, unfortunately still subject to the foreign policy of the Czech Republic, you too will have to proceed according to its regulations. So here is some useful information, which could save you a lot of problems at the Czech border. There are no border controls on the Wallachia -Czech Republic border, so you will not have any problems there.

When to visit the Wallachian Kingdom

The best time for a visit is the period from May to September, when most of the cultural monuments are open and when there are also the best conditions for swimming or walking. If you come in winter, you can spend a romantic time in some of the snow-covered mountain chalets and give yourself over to the pursuit of winter sports. However, you can come whenever you like - we are able to find an interesting program for you in any season of the year.

Possible problems/Difficulties

Despite the fact that the Wallachian Kingdom is one of the safest places in the Czech Republic, just as anywhere else it is still possible that you could find yourself with a problem or in difficulty. Not all of the Kingdom's citizens are used to meeting strangers and it could happen that they will want to make use of the situation to their advantage by increasing the price for their goods or services. So always check the price in advance and count your change. Don't leave valuable items lying in your car or in your hotel room. Try to always make use of the services, which we recommend and that will help you to avoid any number of unpleasant surprises.


According to some statistics, which I have just got my mitts on, over 15,000 beds in 370 accommodation facilities of all standards should await you in the Wallachian Kingdom. For those guests of a sporting frame of mind or for those of you, who don't have deep pockets, there are about 10 camps and auto-camps. Other than that, it is possible to make use of the accommodation on private or village farms and homesteads, which are currently popular within the framework of agricultural tourism.
So, there is currently more than enough accommodation in Wallachia for everybody, although the best and cheapest facilities may be full during the summer and winter seasons. Probably about the time you read these lines, there will be an outbreak of „Wallachomania" and the Wallachian Kingdom will be subject to
a wave of emigration from the entire world. It is therefore always better to phone ahead and reserve a place. The accommo-dation facilities in the guide are categorised according to their location and alphabetically.


Those of you hoping to find Broadway or large rock concerts in the Kingdom are liable to be slightly disappointed. The Kingdom is, however, able to offer a countless number of small cultural events, festivals, concerts, celebrations and fairs, which are certainly worth a look. The events often include historical sword fighting, amateur theatrical and musical performances, presentations of the local crafts and so on. A large part of the cultural life is concentrated on the Wallachian Open - air Museum in Rožnov p. R. and the „Wallachian Year" year-round program. Despite this, however, all the other places also have something to offer:
Frenštát p. R. - the Frenštát cultural summer, Hukvaldy - Janáček's Hukvaldy music festival, Nový Jičín - Homage to General Laudon, Štramberk - the traditional Štramberk fair, Vizovice - the Vizovice Plum Festival, and so on.
And there are even more things happening here. The rest of you are bound to find pleasant distraction in the traditional Wallachian wooden hostelries with good food, drink and music.

The things you can buy in the Wallachian Kingdom

We don't only have plum brandy and traditional cakes, despite how it may seem at first glance. Wallachia is also a ceramics area. It's true that they no longer call out „Gentlemen, ladies, get your cups here" as they once did at the fairs, but they have their shops, where you can choose anything ranging from robust beer „steins" through to fine cups in various shapes and sizes.

What else can you bring home from Wallachia:
Plum brandy, traditional Wallachian cakes, fried plums, a real Wallachian flea (if you're travelling with a dog), a hat, a plaster cast of the pagan god Radegast, a wickerwork basket, a recipe for traditional Wallachian vinegary soup, a postcard from Pustevny, mosquito bites, woollen socks, which used to be worn by a sheep, a flag of the Wallachian Kingdom, a whetstone for a scythe, a shepherd's crook, a photo of your family posing in front of Radegast, an empty wallet and, last but not least, loads of experiences.

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