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Wallachian Kingdom

You will find the Wallachian Kingdom in the old good Europe, in the Czech Republic, in the region of east Moravia. Just climb the memorable mountain Radhošt and you will see it all. On the east side, the kingdom borders with Slovakia. Just take a walk on the ridge of Javorníky and White Carpathian Mountains, this is the border. On the north, the kingdom neighbours with Lachia and their towns of Frýdek-Místek, Nový Jičín and Příbor. Westwards the mountains gradually recede, and behind the town of Hostýn they meet a rich neighbour - region of Haná. On the south, nearby the towns Zlín, Vizovice and villages surrounding Slavičín, are the neighbours of Wallachians - Moravian Slovaks and Luhačovické Zálesí. That´s the way it is! All the roads lead to the Wallachian Kingdom

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About the Wallachian Kingdom


The Wallachian Kingdom is located in eastern Moravia. If you clamber up onto Mount Radhošť, you can see the entire Kingdom. Slovakia lies on the eastern border, Lašsko on the northern border, Haná on the western border and in the south the Wallach's neighbours are the Moravian Slovaks and the Luhačovický forested region. Thanks to our positive foreign policy, we have managed to expand the territory of the Kingdom. We will continue to inform you, our loyal subjects, of any further expansion to the Wallachian Kingdom.

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Facts for visitors


The Wallachian Kingdom is known for its liberal immigration policies. It is clear that this is practically the last Kingdom in the world where you can so easily acquire foreign citizenship. No matter where you are from, the gates of the Kingdom are always open to you. As we are, however, unfortunately still subject to the foreign policy of the Czech Republic, you too will have to proceed according to its regulations. So here is some useful information, which could save you a lot of problems at the Czech border. There are no border controls on the Wallachia -Czech Republic border, so you will not have any problems there.

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Immigration policy

When we established the Wallachian Kingdom more than three years ago, we had no idea, how popular it would become. The current situation surpassed our expectations. We have almost 50,000 citizens around the world and the numbers are constantly increasing. Just like big powers such as Australia, Canada, USA or New Zealand, we have also prepared and announced an immigration policy to accept new immigrants. Yes friend, it is so!!! You too, can become a citizen of the Wallachian Kingdom!!!

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What awaits you in the Wallachian Kingdom

You are bound to be thinking about whether to take a look at this country, which has no doubt become your Promised Land. And you are wondering what awaits you there. Is there really anything of interest there? What will I do there? There's some-thing here for everyone. You will find beautiful nature here and rich history and culture at every turn, not to mention the plenty of opportunities to have some sporting fun and increase the adrenaline levels in your blood. Read on if you dare. The very best of the Wallachian Kingdom - the places in the Wallachian Kingdom, which you shouldn't miss

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Of course, the Wallachian Kingdom isn't quite Queenstown in New Zealand, Chamonix in France or Banff in Alberta, but in all modesty it can be said that there are plenty of things to do here. We try to prepare something interesting for you every year. There is the annual „Wandering with a Wallachian Passport" competition, during which you can get to know the Wallachian Kingdom in all its glory and also maybe win heaps of interesting prizes. You can get detailed information about the activities in the Kingdom from our Information Centres in Rožnov or in Frenštát p.R. Here are just a few of them:

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